Schedule – Updated

1/23 Course Introduction
1/24 No Drop-in Hours
1/28 Codebooks and Data Architecture

Submission Due: Quiz 1 (before start of class) 

1/30 Literature Review and Writing about Empirical Research

Submission Due: Quiz 2 (before start of class) 

1/31 Drop-in Hours

Submission Due by 6pm: Mini-Assignment 1 and Blog Entry 1 (include Project Component A)

2/4 Working with Data

Classroom Location (for today only):

  • Section 1 (Exley 113)
  • Section 2 (Normal classroom)
  • Section 3 (Exley 058)
  • Section 4 (Normal classroom)

Submission Due: Quiz 3 (before start of class) 

2/6 Working with Data (cont.)
2/7 Drop-in Hours

Submission Due by 6pm: Mini-Assignment 2 and Blog Entry 2 (include Project Components B-C)

2/11 Data Management

Submission Due: Quiz 4 (before start of class)

2/13 Exam 1
2/14 Drop-in Hours

Submission Due by 6pm: Blog Entry 3 (Project Component D-E), Mini-Assignment 3

2/18 Graphing Variables

Submission Due: Quiz 5 (before start of class)

2/20 Graphing Relationships

Submission Due: Quiz 6 (before start of class)

2/21 Drop-in Hours

Submission Due by 6pm: Mini-Assignment 4 and Blog Entry 4 (Project Component F-G)


Hypothesis Testing and ANOVA

Submission Due: Quiz 7 (before start of class)

2/27 Chi-square

Submission Due: Quiz 8 (before start of class)


2/28 Drop-in Hours

Submissions Due by 6pm: Mini-Assignment 5 and Research Plan Paper

3/3 Correlation

Submission Due: 

Quiz 9 (before start of class)

Mini-Assignment 6 and Blog Entry 5 (Project Component H) (by 6pm)

3/5 Exam 2
3/6 Drop-in Hours



Updated Schedule:


Technology Check in Zoom: Please review the Download and Install Instructions for Zoom. Sections will meet at regularly scheduled time (via Zoom Meeting Codes Below). (This is a brief meeting to acclimate all of us to the technology, to say hello, and to make sure that we are all ready to move forward).

Please follow the steps below exactly each time you want to enter the “Live” sessions on Tuesday/Thursday:

  1. Go to
  2. Got to “Log-in’ and enter your credentials
  3. Select “Join Meeting” and enter meeting code below that corresponds to your section (NOTE: On Fridays, the meeting code is different, see code on 3/27)
  • Section 1 (STATA)  (Meeting Code: 169564945)
  • Section 2 (R, 1:20PM EST) (Meeting Code: 648893432)
  • Section 3 (SAS) (Meeting Code: 426574555)
  • Section 4 (R, 10:20AM EST) (Meeting Code: 971171626)
3/26 Exploring Third Variables

Submission Due: Quiz 10 (before start of class) 

3/27 Drop-in Hours


No Submission Due

3/31 Regression and Study Design
4/2 Confounding and Multivariate Models

Submission Due: Quiz 11 (before start of class)

4/3  Drop-in Hours

Submission Due by 6pm: Mini-Assignments 7 & 8, Blog Entry 6 (Project Component I)

4/7 Logistic Regression

Submission Due:  Quiz 12 (before class) 

4/9 Logistic Regression (cont.)
4/10  Drop-in Hours

Submission Due by 6pm: Blog Entry 7 (Project Component J) and Mini-Assignments 9&10

4/14 Exam 3
4/16 Making Posters
4/17  Drop-in Hours

Submission Due by 6pm: Blog Entry 8

4/21 Analysis and Poster Work
4/23 Analysis and Poster Work (cont.) 
4/24  Drop-in Hours

Submission Due by 6pm: Posters

4/28 Exam 4 Practice
4/30 Continue Exam 4 Practice or work on oral presentation script

Submission Due by 6pm: Posters with audio

5/5 Exam 4
5/12 Submission Due by 6pm: Evaluation of peer posters