Project Component M


For our final poster session you will be creating your a wordpress page. For this project component you will:

1) Visit  and log-in using your Wesleyan username (does not include Click on “QAC 201 Applied Data Analysis” in upper left corner. Then, find the link “Poster Information for Students” then click on “How to Create a WordPress page”.

2) Follow the instructions to create your own word press page – include the following information:

  • Name
  • Biography
  • Picture
  • Project Title
  • Zoom link (create a zoom link under your Wesleyan account that can be accessible by anyone with link – do not include a waiting room, and have it scheduled for 4/29 from 1-3pm EDT). You will be using this link for your final presentation.
  • (For now, you will not be including a poster – you will add this in later).