Exam 2 Information

Exam 2 will include approximately 35-40 multiple choice questions that will ask you to apply your knowledge from laboratory, lessons, and lecture clips.

You are permitted to bring one standard 8.5×11 sheet of paper including anything that you think will help you in the exam (your notes may be written on both sides).


  • Descriptive Statistics (e.g. Shapes of frequency distributions and histograms; Measures of Central tendency- mean, median and mode, Spread/variability (standard deviation) of a distribution)
  • Graphing (e.g. univariate and bivariate graphs, making graphing decisions based on variable type).
  • Cross-tabs (aka contingency tables) – use of row vs. column percent.
  • Independent and Dependent variables (aka predictor and outcome variables or explanatory and response variables)
  • Sample statistics vs. population parameter
  • Stating and interpreting the null and alternate hypothesis
  • Type I error
  • Reading scatter-plots and correlation coefficients
  • Choosing the type of bivariate statistical test to use when examining an association (there are several questions on this).
  • p-value
  • Post hoc tests
  • Evaluating and interpreting statistical output

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