Exam 1 Information

Exam 1 will include approximately 32 multiple choice questions that will ask you to apply your knowledge from laboratory, lessons, and lecture clips.

You are permitted to utilize one standard 8.5×11 sheets of paper including anything that you think will help you in the exam (your notes may be written on both sides).

The first set of questions on the exam will refer to a small data code book that you will be provided with. The entire exam will cover topics from Codebooks and Data Architecture through Data Management (e.g. types of variables, the structure of a data set, the literature review and primary source journal articles, data decisions and data management, and frequency distributions). You will not be asked to write or recognize any syntax on this first exam.

  • Know what information is contained in each section of a primary source journal article and best practices for literature reviews
  • Know the structure of a data set (what should be contained in each row and column)
  • Recognize categorical vs. quantitative variables
  • Read a codebook
  • Interpret a frequency distribution
  • Recognize when different data management decisions are appropriate (when to collapse responses, create a score, when to code for missing data, when to code for valid data, etc).

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