Connection Instructions

  1. How to access the virtual environment (Citrix) for access to  SPSS, Stata, SAS, R, and other software applications using your web browser at https://myapps.wesleyan.eduTo install the Citrix workspace:
  • Instructions for Mac Users
  • Instructions for Windows Users
  • If you run into any problems accessing the system you can open a support ticket or contact the ITS help desk. They can assist with troubleshooting your access.

2. R students can download the software directly to your own computer.

  • Step1: download and Install R R is a freely distributed language. Go to the R project’s page:  and download and install the version for your machine.
  • Step 2: download and install RStudio R Studio is an Integrated Development Environment – a package that “sits” on top of R and makes code writing and debugging easier. You should install R Studio after you install R. Go to  and download the version for your machine.

3. How to access the dragon directories: This is where we have some shared directories (folders) for the course:

  • For students using, you can directly access the directories via the virtual desktop 
  • Otherwise, to connect to dragon from your computer follow the instructions here.
  • The common data files for the course are contained in the following directory:
    • smb://dragon/courses/qac/qac201/Studies and Codebooks/
  • If you need to upload your own data, you can follow the instructions here.